Lisa Kelly Zuba

Lisa Kelly Zuba, Founder & Lead Consultant

A veteran professional leader in both nonprofit organizations and for profit industries, Lisa has raised in excess of $30 million from individuals, family foundations and corporate entities, both in the US and internationally.

She has been successful in fundraising for nonprofit organizations focused primarily on domestic and international public health, advocacy and nonpartisan investigative journalism.

Lisa's practice focus is uniquely on global philanthropy ensuring that fundraising efforts are sustainable whether for a client organization with ongoing requirements or an individual fundraising project for an established client organization.

Following a 15 year career in financial services, Lisa applied her financial and management talents in the nonprofit sector.

Lisa is an active speaker and panelist in many industry organizations including Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and Association of Professional Researchers (APRA). She is an active member and certified Competent Communicator (CC) from Toastmasters International.

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, Clay, and their cats (Baby Snuggles and Beaux). Lisa runs the extra mile for BiZZantik clients and still takes time to hike the local trails while preparing for the next charity half marathon.

Lisa began her formal education as a child in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC) and her last academic achievement was to earn her Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management and Strategic Fundraising in 2012.

Bringing her business acumen to work in the nonprofit sector is based on a passion to make a positive impact on individuals.