Use BiZZantik consultants to review your development philosophy, strategies and tactics. After all, your goal is to create sustainable funding and donors for life.

Are you chasing numbers? Are your development people working at cross purposes? Are your goals too high? Too low? Maybe you are focusing on the wrong goals.

Whether it's a simple Development Assessment or implementing a Major Gifts System, Annual Giving Program or creating your Capital Campaign, BiZZantik consultants can ensure your reach your long term success.


Whether you're raising funds for your Annual Campaign, Capital Campaign for a new building, or an Endowment, the process is still all about people. Our relationships are key. Fundraising isn't just about the numbers. In fact, BiZZantik consultants believe that numbers are secondary. Yes, secondary. Because you'll never get your goals without relationships.

It's complicated. As a nonprofit CEO you've got relationships with your Board and Staff. With Major Donors and Volunteers. With Community members. With Annual Donors.

BiZZantik Consultants help you navigate your relationships, so that it's not as complicated and messy.

BiZZantik sets up a process and system to turn your Board members and Donors into Partners. Your Staff into Colleagues. Your culture is built from relationships and philanthropy rather transactions.

In many ways, fundraising is like running a marathon.

It takes planning and patience to find fundraising success. It takes consistency and follow up. BiZZantik Consultants help you create your plan and implement a system.

Executing your plan will bring donors to your nonprofit. And, executing your plan with the right relationships turns your donors into investors and partners for life!

Everyone can be a philanthropist.