Board members can be your nonprofit's greatest champions. Are yours?

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Board in a Box

BiZZantik Consultants help nonprofit Board members tap into their passion. We help Boards use their passion and expertise to move the mission forward. BiZZantik's Board in a Box system provides your nonprofit with:

  • System to select passionate Board members.
  • Orientation custom-tailored to your nonprofit.
  • Real 'job' descriptions for Board members.
  • Mentoring process to keep Board members engaged.
  • Analysis that aligns Board members' expertise with your needs.

Studies show that one of the biggest problems with Board members is that they don't know what to do! Nonprofit executives think Board members should know what to do, but without a comprehensive orientation process and system for execution, organizations end up in massive frustration. Board is frustrated with CEO. CEO is frustrated with the Board.

Our Board in a Box system eliminates frustration and ensures your Board knows what it's supposed to do and does it. With passion!