Transformation. Your nonprofit organization.

How to create sustainable funding and donors for life.

How a Culture of Philanthropy transforms your organization.

A BiZZantik consultant isn't your typical nonprofit consultant. We know the right questions to ask. We know how to listen to you -- as perhaps no one else has. We get to the solution. And, we help you implement it.

We've served on nonprofit boards. We are philanthropists. We've raised millions for nonprofits. We've managed nonprofits. We've volunteered for nonprofits.

We passionately believe in the necessity and the power of nonprofits in our communities and throughout the world.

Contact us and find out how BiZZantik can help you transform your nonprofit organization through Fundraising, Board Development and Coaching.

BiZZantik consultants can help you institute the right business practices, foster a culture of philanthropy and create a system for sustainable funding.



Use BiZZantik consultants to review your development philosophy, strategies and tactics. After all, your goal is to create sustainable funding and donors for life. Are you chasing numbers? Are your development people working at cross purposes? Are your goals too high? Too low? Maybe you are focusing on the wrong goals.

Whether it's a simple Development Assessment or implementing a Major Gifts System, Annual Giving Program or creating your Capital Campaign, BiZZantik consultants can ensure your reach your long term success.

Board Development

Our saying at BiZZantik is top down, inside out. It means we start with the Board of Directors and work our way out from it. The Board sets your vision, your tone and your culture. Use BiZZantik consultants to develop an engaged Board that uses sound business practices to support your mission.

BiZZantik consultants can establish an individualized Board member orientation program for your  nonprofit through our Board-in-a-Box system.


 It's true: sometimes it is lonely at the top. BiZZantik consultants coach CEOs, Executive Directors and Directors of Development to their best potential. Coaching is all about asking the right questions and digging deep to find the real problem. We help lead you to the solution and discover ways you can implement it.

While coaching principles are similar, each coaching client has unique challenges and needs. BiZZantik specifically tailors our coaching to you.